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Who we are

Ryan N. Morey

Mr. Bentley

Ryan N. Morey, founder

Ryan is not a native but he got to Colorado as soon as he could. He grew up on a cherry farm in Northern Michigan and put himself through law school. He has been a member of the Colorado Bar since 2007.

He lives on the West side of Colorado Springs with his beautiful wife, Adrienne, their two kids and of course, Mr. Bentley.

Mr. Bentley, President of Customer Relations

Mr. Bentley is a Havanese and a native of Colorado. He was adopted by Adrienne and Ryan in 2010 and has been their “first born” ever since. Mr. Bentley went to the office the first day they brought him home and pretty much every day since. He is bound to be the first one at the door to greet you when you walk in the door as well.

We are here for you.